class wanikani_api.models.Assignment(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Simple class holding information about Assignmetns.

class wanikani_api.models.AuxiliaryMeaning(auxiliary_meaning_json)[source]

Simple data class for handling auxiliary meanings

class wanikani_api.models.ContextSentence(sentence_json)[source]

Class to hold english and japanese context sentence information

class wanikani_api.models.Kanji(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A model for the Kanji Resource

amalgamation_subject_ids = None

A list of IDs for the related models.Vocabulary which this Kanji is a component in.

component_subject_ids = None

A list of IDs for the related models.Radical which combine to make this kanji

readings = None

A list of models.Reading related to this Vocabulary.

class wanikani_api.models.Meaning(meaning_json)[source]

Simple class holding information about a given meaning of a vocabulary/Kanji

accepted_answer = None

Whether or not this answer is accepted during reviews in Wanikani.

meaning = None

The english meaning of a Subject.

primary = None

Wether or not the meaning is considered to be the main one.

class wanikani_api.models.PronunciationAudio(pronunciation_audio)[source]

This class holds the link to the pronunciation audio, as well as the related metadata.

class wanikani_api.models.Radical(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A model for the Radical object.

amalgamation_subject_ids = None

IDs for various other models.Subject for which this radical is a component.

character_images = None

A list of dictionaries, each containing a bunch of information related to a single character image.

class wanikani_api.models.Reading(meaning_json)[source]

Simple class holding information about a given reading of a vocabulary/kanji

accepted_answer = None

Whether this answer is accepted as correct by Wanikani during review.

primary = None

Whether this is the primary reading.

reading = None

the actual かな for the reading.

class wanikani_api.models.Reset(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Simple model holding resource information

class wanikani_api.models.Review(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]
class wanikani_api.models.ReviewStatistic(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Simple model holding ReviewStatistic Information

class wanikani_api.models.StudyMaterial(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Simple model holding information about Study Materials

class wanikani_api.models.Subject(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

This is the base Subject for Wanikani. This contains information common to Kanji, Vocabulary, and Radicals.

characters = None

The actual japanese kanji/radical symbol such as 女

created_at = None

The date at which the Subject was created originally on Wanikani.

document_url = None

The direct URL where the subject can be found on Wanikani

hidden_at = None

When Wanikani removes a subject, they seem to instead set it to hidden, for backwards compatibilty with clients.

level = None

The level of the subject.

meanings = None

A list of models.Meaning for this subject.

class wanikani_api.models.Subjectable(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A Mixin allowing a model to quickly fetch related subjects.

Any resource which inherits Subjectable must have either subject_id or subject_ids as an attribute.

class wanikani_api.models.UpcomingReview(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]
class wanikani_api.models.UserInformation(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

This is a simple container for information returned from the /user/ endpoint. This is all information related to the user.

current_vacation_started_at = None

datetime at which vacation was enabled on wanikani.

level = None

current wanikani level

profile_url = None

Link to user’s profile.

started_at = None

datetime at which the user signed up.

subscription = None

maximum level granted by subscription.

username = None


class wanikani_api.models.Vocabulary(json_data, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A model for the Vocabulary Resource

component_subject_ids = None

List of IDs for :class”.models.Kanji which make up this vocabulary.

parts_of_speech = None

A list of strings, each of which is a part of speech.

readings = None

A list of models.Reading related to this Vocabulary.